Calling all mothers on maternity leave...

Do you feel you're riding an emotional rollercoaster? Stressing during the 3 a.m. feeds? Feeling overwhelmed and under prepared for your return to work?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to breeze through your final weeks of maternity leave, relaxing and enjoying time with your baby, whilst feeling confident that you have a practical plan in place to prepare everything you need for your successful return to work?

Do you wish you knew which preparations are going to improve your chances of

a positive transition experience - and what is most important so you could prioritise your time?

Would you like to take the guesswork out of feeling calmer, more confident and in control about becoming a working mother - and free up more time for you just to enjoy your final weeks of maternity leave with your baby?

Does this sound like you?

• Feeling unsure or overwhelmed about your return to work?

• Struggling to work out where to start with preparing your home, your family - and even yourself - for the transition?

• Anxious about how you'll juggle everything and unsure what you can be doing now to help your future self, whilst you adjust to working-mother-life in the first weeks back?

• Wishing someone who has already been there - would just hand you a proven, workable plan of what to do and when to do it - so you can go back enjoying this time with your baby?

What if things could be different?

How amazing would it be if ...

you could stop feeling overwhelmed and didn’t have to worry about trying to work out everything that needs to be prepared - and, instead spend more time in your final weeks of maternity leave focusing on enjoying time with your baby and less time worrying about the return to work!

And what if ...

you had access to someone who had been through this all before, had coached other new working mothers, like yourself, in successfully returning to work - and who has a proven method for breaking down what you need to do - into manageable daily tasks!

And how would you like to ...

be so well organised that you can spend your final day of maternity leave just relaxing with your baby? Allowing you to walk into work the next day feeling calmer, more in control, more confident and contented about the transition?

If you’re finding yourself nodding along to all this,

you are not alone…

Hi, this is me, Rebecca - founder of CareerMom!

In my case, as my return-to-work date loomed during my first maternity leave, I was surprised (and horrified) to discover how little practical guidance was available to help me prepare mentally, physically and logistically for this huge change.

Having lived through the highs and lows of maternity leave, I remember all too well that feeling of time seeping away. There were months left. Then weeks. And then, finally, I was on the last few days. The burden of leaving my baby hung so heavy about my shoulders, tightened my throat and weighed on my heart. I was projected back to anxious feelings of early pregnancy as nerves - and nausea once again took its grip. I scoured the Internet for a countdown guide or checklist, but only found basic suggestions such as “Be confident!”. I felt exasperated:

But HOW? WHAT should I be doing to make myself feel more confident?

I don’t know if I can still do my job, or how I am going to balance everything!

My hair is falling out, my body will never be the same and I don’t fit into any of my old work clothes. Or shoes, for that matter.

How am I meant to even try to feel confident when I don’t know where to start?!

So, I had to work it out for myself...

And now I want to share what I've learnt, with you!

I have done all of the thinking - so YOU don't have to

and, instead, can focus your energy on enjoying every last day of your maternity leave.

Which is why I’m soooo excited to introduce:

Contented CareerMom!

The 30 day countdown plan for a calm and confident transition from maternity leave to working mother!

I have personally designed this course to help mothers like you to enjoy their maternity leave up to the last moment, whilst feeling more prepared and in control as they move to the next chapter.

My focus is to take out the guesswork, banish overwhelm & help you take small steps each day to prepare you - and your family - for your successful return to work.

Here’s what you’ll get when you buy:


Structured, daily planning prompts

A done-fo-you 30 day countdown framework of video prompts explaining the tasks you need to undertake to feel ready to transition back to work - covering changes at home, work, for your baby and, critically for yourself and your CareerMom identity.

Value: £299


Consideration for you as a busy mother

Struggle to find time to read these days? All modules are less than eight minutes long and, as a bonus, each daily prompt is also available as an audio file so you can still commit to listening each day even when on the go or when you have your hands full! Value: £60



The course is optimally structured for you to listen to one video or audio a day and then take easily take action. However, if you don't have 30 days of maternity left, there is an option to go through the content faster and prioritise the key actions you need to take.

Value: £30


Bonus: Success Visualisation Audio

Prepare for success like an Olympian and visualise your return to work not just going well - but being calm, enjoyable and inspiring for you and those around you.

Value: £20


Bonus: Take your baby to work ebook

If you are planning to introduce your baby to your work family, this comprehensive ebook will help you plan for a smooth and enjoyable visit to the office.

Value: £10


Bonus: First week in childcare ebook

The "How to survive your baby's first week in childcare" ebook covers everything you need to know in advance - so you can prepare your baby & yourself for the change.

Value: £10

Contented CareerMom will also make the perfect baby shower gift or a calm-creating present for your new-mother friend, sister, daughter, wife or girlfriend!

A total value of: £429

All for the special introductory price of


*To celebrate the launch of the 30 Day Return Course, there is an introductory price is available to

the first 30 Contented CareerMoms!

What are other mothers saying?

"Such a blessing to moms embarking on this very trying time in their lives. I think this course should be mandatory for every mom planning on returning to work after spending a maternity leave with their child.

— Katy

"I loved it! What a great idea and super useful. I loved how each day was short and doable for a busy mom. I loved all the suggestions and how it was organized.

The slides were beautiful, Rebecca's voice was clear and enjoyable (I found it very soothing to listen to!) & I felt well supported.


This is a fantastic course for any parent transitioning back to work. The information is presented in such a way that you can take it at your own pace and create a well planned foundation for your return to work and your child's transition into daycare.

— Laura

"Rebecca has so much knowledge and experience that she shares in an easy-to-digest way with practical tips and tools to help you reduce any sense of overwhelm or anxiety you might feel as you get ready for this new transition.

I highly recommend this course!"

— Valerie

This is a must if you have MomGuilt of coming back to work!! This helps a lot in planning, preparing yourself and your family and really having the confidence that everyone is going to be fine. Like having a best friend guide you every step of the way!

— Adriana

"There are a lot of emotions swirling around at the end of Maternity Leave & Rebecca has done such a lovely job of demystifying all of the work considerations, preparing to leave your child - and she has delivered these messages in a calm and concise way."

— Katy

Still on the fence about it?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you buy the course and you’re not satisfied please get in touch...

Due to the digital and instant nature of this product, we’re unable to offer refunds. However, we want to make sure you’re 100% happy with your purchase, so just reach out to us on if you have any questions or need help with anything.


Do I need a full 30 days before I return to work to complete and benefit from the course?

Although have a 30 day planning window is optimal to maximise the benefits of the course by ensuring that there is plenty of time to undertake tasks without getting overwhelmed...

If you are just a few days away from Mat Leave (or have even recently returned to work and are struggling - but would like help to get back on track) and want to check what else you could be doing to set yourself up for success - then the course can be consumed within a couple of hours.

You can then prioritise which tasks are most important and relevant to the biggest concerns you have in your own personal circumstances.

Who is Rebecca?

Hi, I'm Rebecca - founder of CareerMom! I'm a solo mother to two little girls, a life coach and a corporate management consultant with two decades of experience in solving large, complex problems for organisations around the world.

During this time, I have learned that there is no greater challenge, nor steeper learning curve, than successfully balancing family life with young children and a fulfilling career.

And how you transition into that working life really matters! My purpose in this course is to help you have an easier return than I, and millions of others, have had - but guiding you through the preparations.

Is this course intended for mothers in a particular country - who have certain maternity leave laws or policies?

This course was developed in the United Kingdom - but has been designed to be broad enough so that the concepts can apply irrespective of the country you are based in, with the fact that countries have vastly different approaches to maternity leave in mind.

The content does not cover local laws or policies and instead is focused on maximising the impact of those things that you do have in your control wherever you are living such as: successful return to work planning, organisation and mindset.

You can follow the course as presented - or can prioritise and flex your approach to consuming modules and implementing the guidance within your own country and culture, as appropriate.

This isn't my first return to work - will I and my family still benefit from the course?

If you aren't a first time mother and you have already navigated your return to work with a previous baby - then it is likely you will all ready know a lot of what is in the course. However, we all know how exhausting it can be to be looking after multiple children - and therefore you are likely to find the structure reminders very helpful and ease your return to work, leaving you to focus on your home life through your final weeks of maternity leave.

I struggle with sticking to anything I have tried before, will this help me?

Yes! It is designed to make it as easy as possible for you: short, concise videos or audio files and clear outlines of manageable tasks.

Remember: It is useful to tag one new habit to another to make it stick, so for example making a point of watching the next video / listening to that day's audio as soon as you get up and make the morning drinks, or set a daily alarm on your phone to remind you to listen early in the day.

Why "CareerMom"?

Rebecca uses the word CareerMom to identify the demographic of incredible women who returned to work after having children - and for whom the term Career Woman no longer quite fits, as it doesn't tell the full story of just how amazing she is in her ability to juggle work, home and family commitments.

Fun fact: Rebecca's family is from the Midlands in the UK - where Mom is a common spelling to shorten mother. But the principle applies whether you are a Mother, Mummy, Mum, Mama, Maman...

At CareerMom we are in awe of all you do!

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